Guides to using Koinstrap

Koinstrap is the best marketplace to trade your Digital currencies, bringing more people and businesses to learn more about digital currency.

Buy, Sell & Exchange your Digital Currency

Register account

Register & Verify Account

Sign up for a free account and follow the guide we have sent to your email for our very easy verification and account setup.

Personal pocket

Fund Your Personal Pocket

Use the payment method and secured payment gateway to fund your pocket as this will be used for trades.

Purchase cryptocurrency

Purchase Digital Currency

Use the Koinstrap trade page to Buy/Sell & Exchange any preferred digital currency from your pocket balance.


Why use Koinstrap


Safe & Secure

Digital currencies on our servers are highly stored and secured in an offline vault as we take security seriously making the Koinstrap xchanger one of the most secured exchange platform.



We hope to remain the leading platform for trading multiple digital currencies as we also continue to build sustainable products and more features.

User built

Built for you

Building a world class exchange demands that we provide an easy to use and simple exchange platform. You don't need to be a crypto currency veteran to make use of the koinstrap intuitive UI.

It’s never too late to get started.

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