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a marketplace where people can access cryptocurrencies easily.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and we want your first step to be with us, your ability to manage, secure and exchange your crypto assets is Step 1 in a vast world of possibilities.

Who are we?

Koinstrap provides a simple and secured marketplace for both businesses and individuals to Buy/Sell, and Exchange Crypto Currencies. Our UI is quite simple and anybody can make use of the platform.

Our mission is to build a strong online marketplace that allows more people and businesses to Buy/Sell, Exchange, and store crypto currencies through our various products and services on the internet.

We believe that with our simple and easy to use product millions of people can get to know more about crypto currencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum and the benefits of storing them. Building for the web is one of the things we love here and our main focus is to make sure that our products helps solve major problems. We also hope to be the leading online marketplace both for individuals and businesses.

Our Values
Providing an exceptional Bitcoin Exchange experience, we are always dedicated to our products and also to the users experience.

Today, whether you are new or a veteran to the world of cryptocurrency, trading with Koinstrap has got you covered as it is one of the best marketplace to trade on digital currencies.

Our Aim

Koinstrap aims at being one of the leading marketplace which demands that our products meets the needs of our numerous customers through security, design, cutting-edge technology and great customer support system.

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